We started our kitchen remodeling company as a small business serving local clients. We continually helped our fellow citizens embellish their kitchens and improve the productivity of their homes. With the creative ideas, skills, equipment, and professionalism of our team, we built an amazing reputation in Brampton, ON. The positive feedback of our loyal customers motivated us to expand the our service areas. We got a showroom in Burlington, ON for our customers to come and view our products and potential designs.

We offer residential and commercial kitchen design solutions. We operate across the second largest province of Canada, Ontario. The service area covers Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills, Mississauga, and Etobicoke. 

Our Process:

We hear your wishes, requirements, and requests

Our team visits the site and notes all the details needed for the project design

MJA Kitchens designers create a 3D design with a full set of detailed drawings

We execute the plan and transform your kitchen


Yes, of course our expert designer will provide you with a 3D design rendering and guide you threw the process step by step so you have a full understanding of what we will be doing for you.

We try to keep the space functional in some way. Of course, the functionality is limited and the less you use the kitchen during the renovation, the better. If there is a necessity to keep your kitchen closed until we finish a certain task, we will let you know beforehand.

We cannot tell you exactly how long it will take to renovate your kitchen before checking the site and creating a project plan. Some projects take more time than others so we can only tell you after the first consultation. We must discuss all the areas that need to be reconstructed, the materials that we will use, and similar factors. However, you can be sure that we act fast, without letting the speed affect the quality of our work. We will not have any unnecessary delays and your kitchen will be ready as soon as possible.

You can look for ideas online and see which ones could suit your kitchen. Also, you can find the materials needed for the renovation and save money for the whole project.

Absolutely! Every dollar you add to your kitchen will pay off if you decide to sell the house at one point. A renovated kitchen will be attractive to potential buyers instantly. You will not only sell the property for a better price but you will also find the buyer quicker than you would before the renovation.

MJA Kitchens is a flexible company that works with all types of materials and spaces. You can renovate your kitchen even if the budget is tight. Consult us and we will share the best offers for you.

Why Choose MJA Kitchens?

Custom Kitchen Services

Our team creates custom designs to meet the requirements and wishes of our clients. Every part of the project can be customized. The customer can select the materials, colors, and design of the remodeled kitchen. Before starting the renovation, our team makes a 3D rendering design and shares it with the client. Upon the approval of the customer, our kitchen remodelers start working on perfecting the custom kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

The experience and creativity of our designers can transform a dull, dysfunctional place into a modern, practical kitchen. After putting the ideas of our team into practice, the space transforms into a joyful kitchen that makes cooking and baking exciting and fun. A renovated kitchen cabinet design automatically increases the value of the house, which makes the remodeling a smart investment. Not only will you enjoy a new kitchen while you own the house but you will also get more money than you invested if you decide to sell the property.

Skillful Team

Working with our team will be an unforgettable experience. Our professionals are perfectionists that will not finish your kitchen until it looks impeccable. MJA Kitchens team is open to any suggestions and instructions. Whether you would like unique kitchen countertops or you want to integrate extra appliances or just do anything else to renovate the space, you can let our team know. The kitchen designers will let you suggest the best ways to make your idea come true. You can completely rely on our team because our only mission is to keep you, our client, satisfied.

Innovative Practices

We continually learn, improve, and upgrade our practices. MJA Kitchens can build a luxury kitchen for you using creative methods that will make your house look mesmerizing. From traditional building methods to modern practices with premium materials, our expert team of designers can transform your kitchen completely. The MJA Kitchens team will not only build an aesthetically-pleasing kitchen for you but also a long-lasting space that you can enjoy for many years.

Cutting Edge Technology

To keep our work at the highest possible level, we acquired top-class equipment for diverse kitchen remodel purposes. We use computer numerical control machines to produce our products. When you hire us, you can be certain that we will design and construct your kitchen using advanced tools that will make the space look amazing. The effects of our work will be durable and your kitchen will instantly become more practical. To offer our clients the best possible services, we constantly invest in our equipment. Thus, we can complete even the most demanding residential and commercial remodeling projects.

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