Custom Modern Kitchens

Our company offers custom kitchen remodel services for clients in Ontario. As a flexible, customer-oriented firm, we design our services following the needs and requirements of our clientele. To provide the best services to our loyal clients, we constantly expand our possibilities and introduce new practices into our regular working methods. We create 3D Rendering Designs to provide you with a preview of how your home will look like. Thus, you can hire us to repair, or renovate your kitchen in any style. Whether you like minimalist cabinetry with neutral colors or you prefer a vivid kitchen with many decorations and tools, you can let us know. Our team will create a plan to make your vision come to life and build a kitchen the same way you imagined.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

It’s time for a kitchen renovation! Contact MJA Kitchens to order custom kitchen cabinetry that will fit your house perfectly. If you are uncertain and you don’t want to make a wrong decision, don’t rush. Our team will revise your home and collect all the relevant information that will help in the creation of your ideal kitchen. A team of expert designers will suggest the best materials and designs for your kitchen cabinets. Select the design you like the most and let MJA Kitchens do the rest.

Closet Organization

At MJA Kitchens we also renovate other parts of your home. One of the most frequent complaints that people have about their homes is the lack of storage space. Indeed, not having a place where you can keep all your items organized and in a nice space can be frustrating.. To resolve this issue, you can hire MJA Kitchens. We will measure the area and find the best ways to create an organized closet for that room.

Wall Units

Do you need a professional contractor to build and install wall units for your living rooms? If so, then you have found the right company. We love creating unique and top quality wall units that change up the whole living space. When we are done with your living room you will not want to leave it. We make sure you get the best service. 

Washroom Vanity

To make your home look more modern  and add an impressive feature you may think about updating your  washroom vanities. There are numerous ways that MJA Kitchen can create a stunning vanity for your washroom. If you have any particular ideas let us know and we will create a 3D design for you so that you can see how your new washroom will look like. 


The countertop is the most used part of your kitchen. Anything you do in the kitchen starts from the countertops so you need to be careful when replacing them. It’s important to select quality countertops for your kitchen. The selection in this area is outstanding, which makes it easier for you to make the right decision. Choose the design and materials to finalize your renovated kitchen. MJA Kitchens will help you by advising you which countertops to order based on your lifestyle and needs. Additionally, we will design the products for you and install them in your kitchen quickly.

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